8-12 weeks


12-20 weeks


5-8 months

8 weeks to 12 weeks of age

This is an important time for puppies to be placed with their new families and to experience a rich connection with people. During this time in their development, puppies are able to imprint on their “new humans,” if and when properly supported in this development.

Also during this phase, puppies are developing a substrate preference for elimination. This means, becoming familiar with the feeling of a substrate (pee pee pads, grass, artificial turf, newspaper, crate liner etc.) under their paws at the time of elimination.

Their preference for this substrate becomes stronger over time and will become a trigger for where to eliminate in the future.

So much is happening during this time. Many dog trainers establish a heavy focus for socialization during this phase, however, at Doglando, our priority is establishing criteria for the way we want the puppy to develop with us as humans. We use this phase as an opportunity to take their dependent nature and apply it to foster a deep connection with us.

In the “puppy development” part of this program, the connection between a puppy and our play professors is gained by creating positive experiences that lead to beneficial outcomes for inter-species engagement and interactions.

When puppies are nurtured in this way, they are very likely to develop in confidence, character and composure; and they can be easily guided through the next phase of their development and learning (which otherwise is considered a difficult phase).

In this program, puppies will learn to develop in three key areas:

  1. potty training
  2. physical handling & touch
  3. name recognition and recalls

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